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Project D2K: Data to Knowledge is led by principal investigator, Kimberly J. Vannest, Ph.D. and a research team of Mack D. Burke, Ph.D., Richard E. Parker, Ph.D., and Shanna Hagan-Burke, Ph.D. with the purpose of improving educational services in schools for students, their families and their teachers. Recent findings include the following:

Teachers in Texas report paperwork and discipline as their top two barriers to instruction and demonstrated they spend between 2% and 50% of their time on paperwork responsibilities. Teachers in Texas identified progress monitoring in academics and behavior, making copies of documents and document routing as the most time consuming activities. about us39% of teachers in Texas reported that paperwork and administrative duties interfere to a great extent with their job of teaching, another 37% reported interference to a moderate extent; less than 2% reported that paperwork did not interfere with their job of teaching.

The impact of time spent on paperwork is manifested in a lack of time spent in instruction. Texas teachers in special education consistently spend less than 22% of time on academic instruction (range of 0-21.5% for the school year) and as much as 50% of their instructional time on paperwork compared to teachers in general education who spend less than 1% of time on paperwork. The use of teacher time is an important economic commodity that influences student outcomes and must be addressed.